Rendezvous With
Old Bill Williams

A Chautauqua Program
in association with
The New Mexico Humanities Council
The New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs

 Who Was Old Bill Williams?
William Sherley “Old Bill” Williams was one of the most colorful, adventuresome and proficiently literate of the 19th Century western mountain men.  During his 62 years, he preached, married into the Osage Indian tribe, trapped, traded, scouted for military expeditions, guided wagon trains, served as an interpreter of Native American languages and even wrote an Osage-English dictionary.

What Is A Chautauqua Program?

A Chautauqua program is a unique opportunity for an audience to have a first-person encounter with an important and/or colorful historic individual from America’s rich cultural past.  In such a program, the presenter IS the relevant historic person.  During this intimate session, the audience will have a chance to hear the story of the historic individual’s exciting life in his or her own words and to later talk with, question and interact with her or him.