Photo Gallery 2
Rendezvous With Old Bill Williams

Recreating the Past

A profound interest in, and dedication to, recreating the past is of paramount importance to the numerous dedicated volunteers which are so often seen at the living history museum, El Rancho de las Golondrians, south of Santa Fe, NM.  
Chico & Larry
At special festivals and theme weekends, Chico the Burro is often seen with his shorter-eared buddy, Larry, as they wander about the grounds and past the historic buildings of El Rancho de las Golondrinas. Well known for his abiding patience, gentle nature and friendly outlook, (oh, and occasional rascally stubborn-ness), Chico is always a special favorite with both museum visitors and staff personnel.

El Burro Vendible
El Burro Vendible is a portable store from which a wide variety of useful items, for ranchero vaqueros and townspeople alike, may be purchased.  How about a sturdy horn or tin cup for the kitchen cupboard or that roundup campfire?  Or maybe a beeswax-lined gourd ladle?  A copper kettle?  And what prairie home or plains mountain man doesn't need a well-forged pipe-tomahawk with a ring-incised hollow wooden stem?  Hmmm ...  Wonder what's in that small tin box?  Or in the vendible box on the other side of the sawbuck saddle?  One might also wonder if all vendible merchants look that serious.  Maybe sales have been a little slow lately.

Dan Hart 
Dan Hart is a man of many talents and accomplishments. Besides being an excellent resource on a wide variety of western memorabilia and antiques, Dan is known for the period clothing outfits in which he regularly shows up at various El Rancho de las Golondrinas festivals and special events. This period clothing can vary can vary from a mountain man "hivernant", as above, to legendary lawman Charlie Siringo to a Renaissance dandy.

"Curly Rick" Thompson
"Curly Rick" Thompson is a professional actor who has appeared in a wide variety of movie roles, both western and otherwise.  He is also a dedicated re-enactor who may variously be seen as a scruffy mountain man, an Apache warrior, a Spanish colonial nobleman or fellow (historical) Mason, General Carlton.  He is also a serious student and gracious resource of western history and a font of accurate, relevant and compellingly interesting historical data and information.
Items From the Past
In truth, all items shown in the two pictures below are replicas ,not true antiques (one is based on archaeological evidence but no actual complete artifact has yet been discovered). How many can you identify?